5 Relatively New Business Ideas for 2015

Today a large number of people are considering starting their own business. It’s never too late to start a business with the help affordable and powerful technology that we have today. Social media is always there to promote your business. For those who believe there are no real “innovative” ideas out there, thinking outside the box, we present these 5 relatively new business ideas to inspire you to start your business in 2015.

Mobile salon.

What can be a better offer for the beauty-conscious and time-strapped Americans than a quick relaxing and beauty-care session arranged at their own place? You can bring the salon to clients by way of a comfortable, accessible, easily transportable unit. You have to ensure it is fully customized on the exterior and does give a feel like a modern day, high-end salon.

Smartphone repair

Due to multimedia capabilities, smartphone has become the most useful everyday gadget of our life. You may lose your whole world at once if you lose your smartphone. Have you ever tried to fix it? Sometimes it may cost more than to buy a new phone. People are always looking for inexpensive repair service. If you have the skill why not give them a leg up.

Recycling pick up

Most of us have picked up beans for recyclable products like glass, paper or plastic material. But sometimes we are not aware of electronics and batteries. These hazardous substances can seriously taint the environment if they are not properly disposed of. But many people are unaware of it. On the other hand, e-recycling businesses find it hard to collect these product from every door. Just bridge the gap between these parties and start earning.

Mini tailoring services

Women love to wear designer dresses. Especially the girls burst into tears when their designer dresses become unusable after first use just because of a small tearing. If the dress is sent back to the designer shop for tailor service it will cut a lot to repair the dress. However, it’s really easy and effortless to repair. While it’s not an entirely new business idea, it is indeed a useful one to use your swing skill to cut your way into this business and earn quite a lot.


At the age of globalisation the businesses have grown enough to reach beyond the country boarders. For a successful business, cross-cultural communication needs to be stronger, information should be accurately understood. This need has boosted the demand for translators. Translators enhance communication by conveying information accurately from one language to another in different countries across the world. This service can be offered to almost every business area where technical words are constantly used.

A business with lower costs of entry can make it easier to be your own boss. All these new business ideas discussed here need a little investment to start with. So why are you waiting for?


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