6 reasons why Hollywood movie-reboots fail

Hollywood: You may think remaking a movie might be easier than the original. I mean, it looks like, because it’s technically been done before; you can easily see what to do and what not, what are the ways to improve upon the original and what mistakes to avoid. Agree? Yes, but technically, it usually happens in contrast, as most movie-reboots suck anyways. Here we show seven main reasons why remakes usually fail and what we should leave the past in the past.


You lack talent compared to original ones

The first and most obvious reason to most failed movie-reboots is that you probably not as good and talented as the previous guy. It is hard to believe, and even harder to admit, but it’s a fact that the more you are a crappier director than the original guy the crappier the movie you are going to remake than the original movie. Even, if you are fine, but your crew members are not as good as the original guy had, even then you are going to be screwed. Do you think Paul Verhoeven is better director than Underworld’s Len Wisemen when he made Total Recall 1990? Off course not. And I think we may all agree that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not better actor Colin Farrel, especially, in terms of ability to get far too easily transformed into a genetically bland protagonist in the wrong hand, although Arnold has charisma, that’s why the remake of Total Recall was just a crap. And please don’t even ask me to even think of Clash of the Titans’ Sam Worthington.


Nothing new to add

Talent is not everything to make your remake a success. If you are planning to reboot a movie or relaunching a popular series, then you need to give a reason to the people to view it, especially if the original has a complete story. The best example of this kind of movie that caused this reason is The Amazing Spiderman. The movie was fine, but didn’t make a compelling argument for why anyone should see it instead of just renting the original. Some people think a bigger budget and awesome computer graphics is all you need to make a blockbuster remake, which is patently untrue. The argument is completely failed in case of the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still and Clash of the Titans, both the movies had some upper class CG effects than the original ones, but still failed to come even close to its original flick.


You have something to add but not worth it

Most of the times, directors add plenty of new things to add to their reboots, but seldom they don’t worth it. In case of Clash of the Titans, a complete nonsense “freedom from the gods” was added to it which did nothing but to confuse viewers; Tim Burton added his own inventions to the Planet of the Apes, which turned out to be just crap. But, the director of Godzilla, Roland Emmerich, left all the directors behind in terms of adding garbage and crap to its remake, which made audiences see world’s shittiest Jurassic Parkrip-off, instead of Godzilla crap. Yes, Roland, that’s what audiences want to see instead of your garbage of crap. He thinks adding bigger and bigger giant monsters may make his remake better. What nonsense!


The original was too good

The directors could just save themselves a lot of trouble and humiliation if they ask themselves “Does the original lack anything that can be improved?”, if the answer is no, then good to stay away from remake, as the movie is already pretty damn good. Just take “Evil Dead” as example, it just damn awesome movie. No one could ever made better nor would ever be. But they still tried, where in its latest remake “Evil Dead 2013” they made the movie hell scarier which shits the pants of viewers but still it failed to beat the original which is just too good and may be perfect. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is another scientific classic; anyone would try to remake it and lived up the original, but they just can’t, as the original is just too damn good. However, there are other scifi movies which have the potential to be rebooted, as in case of Godzilla, which can be improved every time you are able to present a new gigantic and scarier monster with modern special effects.


Let the past be in past

Some movies are better to leave to the time they were created. Just consider “The Goonies”, if it was made today, would there be anyone, even the kids would have watched it? The idea of giving that much autonomy to the children would seem like the height of parental neglect nowadays, but it 80s it was like a dream for children, even the parents considered it best for their children. The remake of the movie would not leave any impact, because people no longer have that particular mindset. The best example of this kind of movie that should stay in past would be “Red Dawn”. Remaking the movie in present time would make the kids look like psychopaths and the movie would look insane. The movie made sense in 80s, but the remake would be just nonsense in any other time period.


You think by broadening its appeal you can get more viewers

Many movies are remade because they are cult movies, means they are popular in a particular bunch of people, which made the studios think they can attract more viewers by broadening its appeal. And that’s why hear some nonsense movies are getting remade, just like Oldboy, Carrie, Escape from New York and Robocop. The studios remake these movies with the thoughts they would give them mass appeal, leaving them to destroying those unique characteristics that previously attracted the viewers with their cult appeal in the first place. The original Godzilla is a Japanese movie, but in the American release, when Emmerich dropped that, he, basically, removed one the things that made the unique for its particular group of people, same is case with the latest version of the movie, just crap. One of the best reasons the original Clash of Titans is blockbuster was the amazing stop-motion special effects Ray Harryhausen added to the movie; which studios thought can benefit them in remaking if they could replace them with CGI monsters which all viewers wanted or like, but they forget that there are tons of movies with modern CGI effects but lacks those special stop-motion effects, which make them just waste of time and money.



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