7-foot great white shark rescued by beachgoers

  • July 15, 2015 |
  • News

CHATHAM, Mass.: A 7-foot great male juvenile shark was rescued by the beachgoers Monday after it got stranded on a Cape Cod beach in Chatham as the tide went out.


Beached shark rescue: WVUE

The white shark, which got into serious trouble while attempting to catch seagulls, is now swimming free thanks to the locals who kept it wet until the local harbour master arrived.

The unlucky shark was allegedly attempting to catch seagulls, and got stuck on the sandbar as the tide went out, said witnesses who recorded the rescue operation.

The locals kept the shark wet by splashing water through buckets until officials arrived and pulled it back into the sea by attaching a line to its rear caudal fin and a boat, said Harbormaster Stuart Smith. The recuing process took about an hour.beached_shark_3375546b8310309_G8310311_G8310314_G

“Around 40 people had gathered around the shark when we arrived and it appeared dead, which was then tagged and released to the open water” Smith said. “It was tagged by the state shark scientist Gregory Skomal to track down where it goes”.



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