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  • July 30, 2015 |
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Graphic design is a highly valued profession within the creative-artistic sector. As such it is growing really fast as it evolves day-by-day into something better and more professional. With that in mind, it is paramount that every graphic designer out there strives to stay on his or her A-game so as not to be left behind while his or her competitors are up to date with recent developments in the industry.

You, as a graphic designer looking to improve on your craft, need to be in the know about the new applications that are churned out daily with better quality and specifications.  For starters, have in mind that there are free apps as well as those that require you to make certain payments in order for you to acquire them. Also be aware that these apps are sub-divided into two major categories; design and photography apps and business management apps. Therefore, it is up to you to be well informed on what exactly you are looking for.

Design and photography applications

1. FX Photo Studio

This app is the brainchild of the MacPhun Limited Liability Company. It is not a free app, but its price is quite affordable depending on the device you intend to use it on. It is a photo editing application with over 190 filters. What this means is that just about anyone can create amazingly stunning photos even on his or her phone with it. It definitely comes with text labels, textures, standard editing tools and sharing features that allow you to share your work with others around you.

2. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler Sourced from:

Adobe Kuler
Sourced from:

It’s designed by adobe. Lucky for you, this is a free app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. What this app does is that it allows you to take a snap of any color that you come across and happen to love. After taking the picture, the Kuler app helps you extract that or those color (s), save them into themes and later on you can access them for whatever purpose you intend to use them for.



3.  Photo Editor

Photo Editor sourced from:

Photo Editor
sourced from:

It was developed by Avery. It is free for android devices and comes with all the basic photo editing features such as sharpen, blur and adjustments for brightness, contrast, color temperature or saturation. In addition to this, it also comes with stickers, photo effects, frames as well as the ability to draw and add text.




Business management apps

1. Invoice

It is a product of Wave Accounting Incorporated. It is a free app for all the handheld apple devices. It helps with accounting for businesses via the creation of invoices, accepting credit card payments, as well as tracking invoices so as to see when they are paid, overdue or seen by your client. It is a fantastic tool for an accounting task mark you!

2. Wunderlist

It is a free app across Apple and certain Windows devices. Its main purpose is keeping your graphic design business organized. Helps you set reminders, due dates and receive push notifications thereby saving you from missing appointments or deadlines. An added advantage is that it comes with real-time sync for keeping up with your list between a number of devices that you may be using.

All in all, these are among an array of amazing applications at the disposal of graphic designers. The list of such apps is endless and as I said, it depends on what exactly you are looking for. Therefore, open up your mind to the possibility and venture into graphic design, if not already in it, and one app at a time you will become an expert in this awesome profession.


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