Bill Cosby Admitted to Molesting Young Women Using Quaaludes


Image credits: Tim Kenneally

Cosby’s 2005 sworn testimony was unsealed by a judge, where he admitted to giving young women Quaaludes, a sedative, to have sex with them. Andrea Constand, a former employee of Temple University, was the first woman who filed a suit against Cosby.

The deposition, according to his lawyers, contains information that two women knew about the Quaaludes.

The sworn declaration, said the lawyers for some of the many women accusing Cosby, attest the veracity of their clients’ statement – that Cosby drugged and raped them.

The deposition was revealed upon the request of Associated Press, who got court approval. Lawyers of Cosby opposed to the release of the statement to avoid embarrassing their client. However, a judge has approved Associated Press request for the release of a few sections of the deposition.

Eduardo Robreno, US district judge, wrote that the deposition is of significant interest, as it shows the clear difference between the public moralist Bill Cosby and the rape-accused Bill Cosby. Releasing a small section of the statement will not cause him any harm, he added, because Cosby and his spouse’s beliefs on family life, childrearing, education and crime have already restricted his privacy.

The 77-year old Cosby has been a symbol of responsible parenthood. He was a model dad on TV, a proud Temple University supporter and a doctor of education. He played the role of Dr. Cliff Huxtable on the very famous “The Cosby Show” (1984-1992).

In 2006, Cosby settled the lawsuit filed by Constand under classified terms. Although Constand agreed to be identified, she refused to give any comment.

Cosby’s lawyers in the Constand suit failed to answer the phone calls on Monday asking for their comments about the release of the deposition.

Dolores M. Troiani, Contand’s attorney, argued in court’s papers that there is clear evidence showing a pattern in Cosby’s crime. He tutored inexperienced young women and without their knowledge, introduced Quaalude into the relationship to satisfy his sexual needs.

Cosby has never been accused of any crime, but now has over 2 dozens of women accusing him of drugging them to sex. Some of these occurred in over four decades.

Gloria Alfred, celebrity lawyer, who represents many women hope to use the sworn testimony in court against Cosby.

The deposition angered Lisa Bloom, attorney of Janice Dickinson (one of Cosby’s accusers). “Cosby accused my client of lying and berated her publicly, but this revelation proved that my client has spoken the truth,” said Bloom.

In the lawsuit where Constand accused Cosby of sexual assault in the latter’s Pennsylvania home in 2004, Cosby admitted to getting in 1970 seven Quaalude prescriptions. His lawyers objected to questions asking Cosby is he has possession of the sedative until the 90s.

Cosby is a well known personality at Temple University, often seen in commencement speeches, advertisements and fundraising campaigns. He has resigned from the university’s board of trustees.


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