Controversial 10-Second Win of Timothy Bradley against Jessie Vargas

Image by Will Hart

Image by Will Hart

The Bradley vs. Vargas WBO Welterweight Title fight gave Timothy Bradley his most important win. Bradley took home the WBO Belt on Sunday, January 28, 2015 that was tagged as a controversial 10-second win.

Referee Pat Russell stopped the fight 10 seconds before the 12th round is over. Fancred Jessie Vargas was so close to winning when Russell called off the fight. Bradley performed well in most of the rounds, but the final minutes of the 12th round showed the prowess of Vargas.

The crowd cheered Bradley for this win, but got upset and angry upon learning that it was stopped by the referee 10 seconds earlier. On reviewing the video, it would be seen that Vargas surprised Bradley with an overhand right that made Bradley out on his feet. Vargas said he heard the final bell, so he stopped the game. The judges gave their unanimous decision in favour of Bradley after looking at the scorecards.

In an interview with Max Kellerman of HBO, Bradley admitted that Vargas had him with a right hand. He backed up, however, pointing to the video where he has his hands up. “See that? I clutched him. I would have seized him again if the referee did not stop the fight,” he said. Bradley added that he knows what he is doing because he is an accomplished fighter.

It is possible that Bradley would have endured the last 10 seconds as seen from his previous fights. He has survived other massive shots that are of the same ability for longer periods that displayed his great stamina. Thus, a rematch seems unnecessary. However, the 10-second controversy will be a ‘hot’ topic that will be ‘feasted’ by the media and the netizens. This is because people were left with a question, wondering what exactly would have occurred in that 10 seconds.

The WBO welterweight title bout made Timothy Bradley a 5-time champion, assuring him of getting a major fight very soon. Alternatively, the defeat against Bradley was Vargas’s first loss ever. Although it was his first defeat, the defeat against Bradley will give him lessons on how to earn a boxing world title. Vargas remains to be a possible and worthwhile boxing opponent at age 26.

Bradley’s win, on the other hand, is important because he has not had any victory for more than a year. The WBO Welterweight Belt puts him at par with other welterweight holders and on obtaining another super fight event.


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