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  • August 2, 2015 |
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With the advent of Internet and e-commerce, there has been an increase in demand for quality content. Do you often wonder why your website doesn’t have as much traffic or conversions as you would like it to be? The answer lies on your website’s content, which is probably lacking any share-worthy information that the reader can relate to.

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Your website’s content is very important as it impacts on the response and feedback you get from online users. If your content is great, you will probably have high conversions and sales revenue, while on the other hand, if your content is plain with no eye-catching information, the traffic on your site will be minimal.

Creating great content requires extensive planning and studying the industry of interest. Many startups often enter into a particular industry without gathering enough information about the consumer behaviors, their attitude towards the products or services to be offered. Venturing into any industry without this information is committing financial suicide since you are investing in an industry you barely know nothing about.

The first step to creating great content is to plan, curate and distribute content that is both interesting and informative. Readers are always looking for solutions to their problems, if you can offer that solution is a captivating, inclusive manner, then you will capture the attention of a wide audience.

Creating an effective content strategy, you must:

Be informative

This entails conducting an extensive research on the topic of interest, venturing deeper than the usual. Many startup e-commerce sites and blogs are not getting as much traction because they are shallow and do not provoke the audience to action.

Be relevant

Attracting high number of audience requires you to address issues that are of concern to them. Readers usually look for content that provide solutions or how the product or service can benefit them. When you focus on how the content can be relevant to your target audience, the traction will increase steadily due to the content you provide.

Focus on your audience

All readers are drawn to content that is captivating and interesting to read. If your website content has been crafted in a way that makes the audience to identify with it, then you will have captured their attention.

Create a Personal connection

Don’t hesitate when you have an opinion or idea that is worth mentioning. This makes the website more appealing as the audience can relate to your opinions or ideas. A personal connection can only be achieved if you are honest. Informing the audience of what you truly think about a particular topic can increase traction of the content you post on your website.


It is important to remember that your website is a platform where you get to showcase your ideas, products or services. Whenever you are about to post any content, always ask yourself how the content will benefit the target audience.




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