England’s Chances in the Ashes 2015

The Ashes- the name says it all. Two cricket giants, 5 tests, one urn. July 8 will surely be one of the most awaited days of the year, as the Ashes 2015 season is going to the pitch.

Dating back to 1882, the Ashes has been one of the most awaited cricket tournaments. We all want to know which country will get the urn. Will Australia be able to keep it? Will Alastair Cook, with his army of young and fiery cricketers be able to get revenge of last season’s disgrace?

Sure, the Aussie lovers will say that there is no way The English will be able to take the urn back. And frankly, they do have a point. Especially if one to consider their recent past form in the World Cup, with losing to Bangladesh and being thrown out of the cup run. But on the plus side, they have rebuilt their squad with some new blood and most of all, Test Cricket is a different ball-game. Yet again, almost everybody in the cricketing world remembers that disastrous whitewash against Australia. All the more reason for England to give it their all.

But will it be enough though?

According to Mike Brearley, ex-captain of England cricket team, the winning spirit itself may not be enough to restore England’s pride.

The 73-year-old cricketer, who guided England to three test series wins against Australia, believes that England need the flair of younger batsmen to win.

Brearley captained 31 tests from 1977-81. According to BBC Sport, He said, Alastair Cook is quite the “decent, straightforward and honest” cricketer, but he is “not sure how much flair he has.”

He also added, “One of the exciting things is the flair in the young players from number five to number eight.” He further adds that he feels that Joe Root is a wonderful player. So are Moeen Ali , Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler.

After last year’s devastating loss, England is determined to regain the Ashes this year. But according to BBC reports, Brearley feels it will not be very easy.

He gives an explanation for this as well. He regards Australia are a very strong team. They have got a far better team than England have, at least on paper. Their bowling attack is much better than England too, he comments.

But the home advantage should be on England’s side. He feels that playing at the home grounds will facilitate England’s chances of bringing the trophy home. With proper spirit kicking in at the right time and players giving their best, then England may have a chance, He said to BBC Sport.

Brearly is right. On paper, Australia definitely has a better chance of winning the Ashes 2015. At least, that is what previous ashes scores say. But with Joe Root and Ben Stokes on the scene, will it be a new day in English Cricket?

There have been 68 Ashes series to this day. Out of that, Australia won 32 and lost 31. On the contrary, England won 31 series and lost 32. In respect of matches, Australia won 123 matches where England won only 103. The Aussies currently hold the Ashes Urn and have no intention of giving it back.

Things aren’t looking too good for England, are they? But England refuses to lose hope. The Ashes 2015 will be unveiled on July 8 and will continue till August 24. The first test will be held at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff and the final test will be held at the Oval, London.

Let’s just wait until then.


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