How the New Terminator Movie Could’ve done better

The 31 year old Terminator movie franchise seems to have started dying out since the last movie, Terminator Salvation, had come out on 2009. The New Terminator Movie- Terminator Genisys have also failed to revive the spirit of this once widely popular series. Even the presence of the Terminator himself (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was not enough to make this a movie a successful one.

There are a lot of ways the new terminator movie could have salvaged its reputation. But the Alan Taylor directed movie revolved around the same storyline and same visuals that failed to awe the audience and the critics. This movie lacks the lustre that was present in the first and the second movie of the series. The lore of the movie seems to be disconnected and somehow it does not make much sense. In the movie John Connor sends Kyle Reese to the year 1984 to protect his mother. But even the timeline does not quite add up with the original film, in this film Sarah Connor is also looking for Kyle.

This movie could have done better if it did not turn out to be almost a parody of the sequels. There are almost the same old spots, same old lines and moves. It lacks innovation and the casting of mostly B class actors did not help in the acting. Turning John Connor into the main villain of the movie and erasing the historical narration was another reason the fans felt betrayed by the movie. The colliding timeline and confusing story only confuses the audience, especially the new ones. The director of the first two terminator movies, James Cameron, supported the movie by saying that it was being respectful to the franchise and that Terminator Genisys made him feel like the “franchise has been reinvigorated”. Probably it reminded him of the better days of the franchise and also of what could have been done if he had the modern day equipment to create a mind blowing visual effect of the movie. But most of the critics and the audience would probably disagree with him regarding the movie. According to Kate Muir of The Times (UK), the new terminator movie was “as ill-conceived as it is ill-spelt” while Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian dubbed it as the “crusher of the series’s reputation”. Michael Phillips from Chicago Tribune takes it one step further by criticizing the stale unoriginality and stating “simply business and dull business at that.”

This $155 million movie had earned a meagre $225.9 million worldwide, which proves the falling popularity of this once box office smashing franchise. The subpar dull marketing also helped in the doing the damage. Seems like the good old days for the Terminator is long gone.


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