How to Step Up against Common Cold

If there is too much pain in your body, your head has become too heavy and you have been sneezing all day long, then you can bet a thousand bucks that you have caught cold. Being one of the most common diseases in human history, almost every adult catches cold for at least three times a year which stays at least nine days on an average.

Though it’s a very common disease like fever, there’s hardly getting used to it. So, don’t give up. Take the necessary steps you need to get rid of it and stay well.

Here are some tips for you to fight against the common cold.

When Symptoms are Noticed

Aching throat, tickling nose and heavy head are the main symptoms of catching cold. Hydration can reduce these kind of irritation. So, you can feel better by drinking warm water, soup or juice.

Salt Water Gargle

One glass of warm salt water can make you feel better a lot. All you have to do is take a glass of warm water, add some salt into it and gargle. Salt will extract extra water in the throat’s tissue. So the throat remains inflammation and irritation free.

Clear nose

Common cold causes tickling and stuffiness within your nose. A saline nasal spray can prove to be highly useful at this stage. It will clear the nasal passages and reduce stuffiness. Besides, a hot shower will also work.

Take Medicines

Necessary medicines must be taken within two hours of noticing the symptoms. Zyrtec, Benadryl, etc. are some effective medicines for fighting this cold at an early stage. But sometimes good old honey works even better than pharmaceuticals.

Take Rest

Though it is “common”, each and every cold is caused by a virus. A proper rest can give the body enough strength to fight against the virus. In this consideration, you should get rest as much as possible. The best would be if you can skip your work for a while.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is always the best option for maintaining a healthy body. It energizes the immune system and the body stays free from diseases. If you have caught cold you may include some healthy food or drinks in your diet chart. Food with a plenty of anti-oxidants like meat, fish and green vegetables are the ideal food for a proper diet chart. Also, you can follow the doctor’s suggestion in this regard.

Other than these, you can also do some light exercise, but if doctor forbids you in this regard, then you must listen to him as exercise may raise your heart rate and stress you out as well. Also, don’t forget to have plenty of liquids.

Common cold might be a common thing to everyone. But no one should take it that lightly. Because if necessary steps are not taken against it, things may get worse.



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