Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brian Hallisay welcomes their 2nd child

Hewitt and Hallisay just added second child to their family.

Hollywood: Jennifer Love Hewitt welcomed her second child with her husband Brian Hallisay, named Atticus James Hallisay on Wednesday, June 24, E! News reported.



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Atticus Hallisay joins his sister Autum James, who was welcomed in November 2013.

The couple, who first appeared on Lifetime’s The Client List, announced in January that they were expecting a child.

The 36-year old Criminal Mind actress met with Hallisay, who had a role in the 2014 film Ammerican Sniper, on the set of The Client List, and started dating in 2012. The couple announced their engagement in 2013 and welcomed their first child shortly after getting married.


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“I’ve been an actress for 25 years, and have had to be hungry at times for my career, so being pregnant is completely freeing,” she continued. “When I was expecting Autumn, I ate everything I saw! I told myself, ‘Oh there’s a doughnut — I should have that.’ Now with this second pregnancy, I know the baby really doesn’t ‘need it.’ So I eat healthy foods in general, but I also indulge in little things that I crave.”

Earlier this year, Hewitt told to USA Today that she was in no hurry to welcome her pre-baby boy.

“I look forward to putting myself back together… and feeling, you know, confident and strong and healthy and fit,” she said. “But not for Hollywood, more so that I can enjoy my kids for a long time, and just really so that my little girl can look at somebody that has a healthy view of all that stuff.” She said.


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Upon asking how she handles her new figure, Hewitt said, “Your body changes so much, and there’s a sensuality about that.” She quipped: “I say accentuate the fact that your legs look thinner than they ever have, and your boobs look great: Work it!”
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Congrats to the happy four-member family!



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