Jon Snow Dead or Alive: Obama is Concerned

Game of Thrones season five was full of surprises but in one thing it was quite steady and even predictable. And that thing was the untimely departure of fan-favourites. The latest addition to this heart-breaking list had been our favourite Jon Snow played by dear Kit Harington whose death has even got Barrack Obama, the president of the United States of America — awed and concerned like the rest of us. Jon Snow dead or alive, this is the question has surely been bugging him until the day he met David Nutter.

Recently, Nutter, a director of this famous show had had the opportunity to meet Mr President, according to a report by Entertainment Weekly. The Latter of the two had thrown a question to Nutter which was, “You didn’t kill Jon Snow, did you?”. Nutter’s reply had been quick and direct, “Jon Snow is deader than dead.” He also had said that, “I thought I was going to be sent to Guantanamo or something, but fortunately I’m here — but he’s dead.”

Well, I don’t know about Mr Obama’s heart but mine has just sunk and so have so many fans’ of his. But then again, this Jon Snow loyalist heart still wants to hope. Surely Nutter had told Obama the truth but may be not the whole truth? May be Jon is unmistakably and undoubtedly dead but will take a different shape and different role such as Azor Ahai? Melisandre, the Red priest of the show, seems dedicated enough to the God she believes to attempt to resurrect the true Azor Ahai indeed.

Even if this theory does not have so much merit to it; how about the ‘Warg’ one? According to a Vanity report, in fact earlier this very year Kit Harrington had joked about warging into wolf. In his exact words, “I’d like to be a warg. I’d like to put myself inside a wolf.” It could easily have been a theory right?

As a matter of fact the theory of Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon is quite a possible theory as well. Especially according the book readers, it makes perfect sense that Jon becomes one of the legit Dragon Riders of the magnificent trio. On top of that, the wavy locks of hair of Jon Snow is still being worn by Kit who is supposed to wear it this way until the contract ends which indicates that what is being shown and told to us might not be the exact thing at all.

Jon Snow Dead or Alive might still be a debate until the season seven is aired as Kit is not coming back in season six as he had confirmed. But I along will all Jon Snow fans, cannot lose hope seeing Harington back in the show, even if that is as Azor Ahai or Dragon Rider or anyone else.


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