Kuwait arrests several suspects over Shia mosque attack

Kuwait City: Kuwait security forces have claimed to have arrested several people on suspicion of involvement in the attack on Shia mosque on Friday that killed 27 people and injured more than 200, which made the Gulf state to observe day mourning and prepared mass funeral.

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The ultra-hardline militant outfit, Islamic States for Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has claimed the responsibility for the bombing that killed 27 and injured more than 200, making it the worst militant attack of the state in years.

According to security forces of the Gulf state, several people suspected of having ties with the suicide bomber have been arrested.

Kuwait government officials said on Saturday the bombing was intended to broke clash between Sunni majority and Shia minority of the state, an aim Saudi authorities have already ascribed following the IS bombings of Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

The Sunni dominant Gulf state is comprised of 15 to 30 percent Shia population where members of both the communities live side by side without any envoy or tussle.

Sheikh Mohammed al-Khalid al-Sabah, Interior Minister of the State, was quoted as saying the KUNA news agency, “We will cut the evil hand that interferes with our homeland’s security,”

Khalil al-Salih, another Member of Parliament member was offering his Friday prayers at the Imam al-Sadiq mosque in the al-Sawaber district at the time when the brutal attack occurred.

He said worshippers got down on the ground when the suicide bomber walked in and exploded himself, destroying everything including walls and ceiling.

A mass funeral was prepared at the Grand Mosque of Kuwait City on Saturday, KUNA reported, adding that a day of national mourning will be observed declared by the government.

Earlier on Tuesday, the military outfit had urged its followers to carry out attacks against those Christians, Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims during the holy month of Ramazan who are fighting against the ultra-hardline jihadist group under the US-led coalition.


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