For MacBook and Laptops: How to Prevent Overheating

Overheating is a common problem when it comes to operating MacBooks and laptops. It can be so bad that your MacBook or laptop could become obsolete sooner than you expected. It has been proven that MacBooks suffer more from overheating mainly due to their more compact and quiet nature. Therefore, it is important that you take overheating seriously so as to avoid it destroying your device.


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Normally, it is pretty hard differentiating between normal running hot and genuine overheating. Overheating has different causes, but the good news is that it is easy to fix once you know what to do. As is with pretty much everything else in life, prevention is better than cure. This is true even in this context. It is good to diagnose and resolve overheating problems early on. This will give the MacBook or laptop a longer life and also at the same time protect you from potentially harming heat radiation.

SMC Fan Control App

To prevent or fix overheating, you will need to download and install an application that allows you to see your MacBook’s or laptops internal temperatures. There are two applications in the market that can do this. One of them is the SMC Fan Control. It allows you to monitor the temperature and adjust your laptop’s fan speed. It also allows a display of your MacBook’s or laptop’s CPU temperature in the menu bar.

Depending on the processor, MacBooks are wired to automatically shut down when they reach 105C (220F) so as to avoid heat damage. With the SMC Fan Control, you are able to control the fan’s speed when performing intensive tasks since MacBooks don’t do so until the CPU is at 90-100C (195-215F).

However, this fan may not work on all modern MacBooks. This is where the second application comes in. This is the iStat Menus. It does pretty much what the SMC Fan Control does. It also has more and better options despite it being for sale unlike the SMC Fan Control that is free. It allows you to view the temperature readings, not only of the CPU, but also of other different parts such as the battery, wireless equipment and track pad.

Speeding up the MacBook’s fan escalates the rate at which hot air leaves the laptop. In order for this to happen smoothly you need to keep the vents well clear of obstructions. Since air both enters and exits through the vents, you shouldn’t cover them up. Using your MacBook or laptop on the floor, on a cushion, a pillow, in bed or on your lap isn’t recommended as these instances may lead to obstruction of the vent, and consequently the overheating of your MacBook or laptop.

Use a Table Top, Laptop Stand or Cooling Pads

To allow maximum airflow, it is recommended that you use your MacBook on hard surfaces such as a table or invest in a laptop stand or cooling pads. Laptop cooling pads are devices that are placed in between the laptop and your lap or a desk.  These pads use advanced airflow controlling techniques and extra fans to effectively cool down your MacBook or laptop.

Overheating can be a serious problem for a MacBook or laptop, and therefore, it is paramount that you stay vigilant in order to avoid it. What you should always remember to do is shut down your MacBook/laptop whenever not in use as well as when you are carrying it in a bag.


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