Obama Administration suggests eating plant-based foods instead of animal-based

Washington: Obama Administration are looking ahead of changing their earlier suggested food guidelines and urged their citizens to consider eating environmental friendly food such as plant-based instead of animal-based foods.


(Photo: Phil Mansfield, The Culinary Institute of America)

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee House and Senate has come up with some new guidelines of food for Americans that have laid a scientific basis for so called healthy diet that has caused a fury in the meat industry, igniting a political debate criticizing Obama Administration by saying they have gone too far in their suggestion about foods for Americans.

The food guidelines of the US government are always opposed, as it comes out each five years to spread awareness about healthy food among Americans. These guidelines are supposed to be followed by food packaging labels, school lunches and other similar sectors.

The proposed food guidelines of Obama Administration, however, are just in proposed format. The final version of the proposed diet is expected to be issued by the end of current year by the Agriculture, Health and Human Services departments which will then be followed across the United States.

The advisory committee said the food has been categorized in three naming strong, moderate and limited; each category needs to be taxed differently to either increase consumption or decrease it. It added that more tax needs to be imposed on all sugary beverages and snacks to make people either reduce or stop its consumption.

During an interview in Washington on Wednesday, Democratic congresswoman Rosa DeLauro said, “These riders are ideologically based. They shouldn’t be there,” adding that, “We’re not in the majority so all we can do is make our case, but this needs to be based on science. We’ve gotta go with science and they keep saying they want to go with science but then when science dictates something they don’t agree with they say ‘oh well, we don’t like that science.’”

The newly proposed guidelines are praised by many but also criticized widely, such as Congressional Republicans, who claims that these proposed guidelines should be focused on the diet and nutrition only. It is a clear attempt to spoil the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s recommendation that says consuming plant-based food is good for health as well as environment rather than to each animal-based food.

The proposed food guidelines are, however, opposed by different food industries, arguing that Obama administration is going out of its limits in telling what to eat.

One of the authors wrote, “The limit on total fat [in current recommendations]presents an obstacle to sensible change, promoting harmful low-fat foods, undermining attempts to limit intakes of refined starch and added sugar, and discouraging the restaurant and food industry from providing products higher in healthful fats”.

Environmentalists suggest following diet that is environmental friendly such as plant-based food to make the environment less damaged.





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