Promoting Events On Twitter


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Promoting events creates opportunities for social engagements and what better way to do this than make use of Twitter. Planning an event can only take you so far. What matters the most is that the event attracts as big a crowd as possible. Promotions done on Twitter ensure that you reach a wider audience thus improving the chances of your event being rated as a hit. However, this is easier said than done or so it may seem. Promotion on Twitter like on any other platform be it print or mass media requires a lot of preparation and dedication. You therefore need to apply a couple of strategies for this type of promotion to work.


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Use Hashtag

First of all, you require a unique event hashtag. What this event hashtag does is that it allows as many online audiences as possible to follow the conversations revolving around your event. Use of event hashtags also allows you to monitor how people respond to your event, that is, what they say about it and at the same time you get more than enough feedback through online interaction as you answer any queries they might have.

Use Images, Videos

The second most important strategy is making use of images, pictures and photos alongside your tweets. These can be images of the event or those closely related to the event. Such provide the online audience with valuable information on what to expect with regards to your event. Research shows that tweets that are accompanied by visual content receive more clicks, retweets and favourite’s tags. Images are a sure way of adding on to the 140 characterful of information on your event thus an added advantage any day.

Be Relevant

Thirdly, always strive for relevance. Take into account that twitter has over 645 million users globally, a figure that grows by 135,000 new users daily. What this implies is that temptations will arise for you to try and over promote your event. While this might be a good thing, it might as well be a turn off for the online followers if all they get from you is tweets and retweets of the same message. Try to be reasonable enough with the promotion and avoid flooding your followers with too much of it as you may appear desperate or that you are trying too hard.

Create Awareness

Fourthly, it is paramount that you inform all your current and previous customers that you are on Twitter. These are the ones who will help propel and promote the agenda of your event. By them following you and retweeting your event’s hashtag, they will loop in more audience through their followers and with time this will turn into a cyclic strategy that ensures many more people hear about your event, and actually consider making an appearance there due to the hype it will get on Twitter.

Last but not least, the most important thing is for you to engage with your followers on a regular basis. Don’t just tweet out an event then log out completely till the day of the event. It may not be possible for you to be on Twitter continuously, but it is advisable for you to make an effort to keep tabs on what’s unfolding on Twitter with regards to your event’s hashtag and the feedback from your followers.

These few guidelines will set you off towards realizing your goal of promoting your event, whichever it might be, to the masses that Twitter has in millions. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and tweet your way to a successfully promoted and attended event.


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