Saab Unveils Effectively Invisible Submarine

Saab has made public the claim that it is building the most advanced stealth submarine which will remain virtually invisible underwater. Saab has recently signed a $1 billion deal with the Swedish Navy to build two of these A26 subs and upgrade two Gotland class submarines.

These next generation submarines are being developed by Kockums Naval Solutions, owned by the Saab group, who specializes in making next generation submarines. These submarines will be 207 feet long and 21 feet in beam. They can stay underwater for 18 or 45 days and can go as deep as 658 feet. They can accommodate up to 26 people. They comprise special GHOST (Genuine HOlistic Stealth) Technology which allows them to be virtually invisible, making them the world’s most advanced stealth submarine. The ghost mode hides the thermal, acoustic and hydrodynamic signature of the vessel, making it very hard to detect by the enemies.

These submarines have a Multimission Portal through which Special Forces divers can exit and enter the submarine while being underwater. This portal can hold up to eight divers at a time.

For enhancing the stealth capacity, they will be equipped with Kockums Stirling AIP (Air Independent

Propulsion) supplementing its diesel electric system. It helps the submarine to stay undetected underwater for a longer period. Extensive rubber mountings and baffles are used in the platform to make it more resilient and minimize noise from operating the machine. It also increases the shock absorbing capacity of the sub. To ensure extreme stealth by reducing noise, acoustic damping plates are used in the space between the frames. The vessel has a unique hull shape and unique fin design optimized to cut the noise and hydrodynamic signatures. The advanced degaussing system is used to magnetic signature. The shock resistant design of this vessel ensures that it can be highly survivable in hostile situations.

According to Saab officials, the submarine will have high endurance and outstanding maneuverability under all types of waters.

Saab expects to complete building the two A2 in late 2018 and late 2019, respectively. And deliver it to Sweden’s Defense Materiel Organization. Swedish submarines are always renowned for their stealth ability and Saab uses its modern manufacturing abilities to deliver these world class submarines.

As intelligence gathering and sea denial across the coastline is becoming important day by day security forces are now becoming more interested in undetectable submarines. Stealth submarines like A26 will be able to carry shallow water operations as well as deep sea operations, monitoring both the land and sea. For this purpose, it will be using electro optical and electromagnetic sensors. Maritime security, intelligence operations, covert mine laying, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare is among the operations the vessel will take part in.



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