Son of Boston police captain accused of terror plot

The son of a Boston police captain was arrested July 4 for FBI agents as a possible domestic terrorist during a counter-terrorism operation against, federal officials said to Fox News today.

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PHOTO: A photo of weapons allegedly purchased by Alexander Ciccolo was entered into evidence. Department of Justice

The 23-year-old Alexander Ciccolo of Adams, Mass., who also put his nick name as Ali Al-Amriki, was arrested by FBI agents after buying four guns, including two pistols and two rifles, from an undercover FBI confidential informant, federal officials said.

Officials also said that the son of Boston police Captain Robert Ciccolo, who has recently posted on Facebook about martyrdom, spoke about planning about a bomb blast “in places of huge crowd, such as college cafeterias.” He was also seen buying a pressure cooker, which is used in the kind of Boston Marathon bombing.

During the search of his apartment, FBI agents found four loaded guns, bomb-making equipment, a variety of chemicals, an alarm clock used in bomb; along with attach planning papers and ‘Jihad’ paper work.

“This is a very bad person arrested before he could do very bad things,” one federal official said to Fox News.

“Ciccolo’s father reported his son to the FBI after noticing suspicious behavior, “ the federal official said.

In a statement, the Ciccolo family on Monday thanked authorities for preventing their son from causing any casualties and asking the public for privacy.

“According to a close acquaintance, the defendant had a long history of mental illness and in the last 18 months had become obsessed with Islam,” the Justice Department’s detention memo stated.

The younger Ciccolo had first planned to attack military and law enforcement agency’s personnel, according to his earlier conversation with a confidential informant, said a senior federal official.

Alexander is scheduled to be presented before court for a detention hearing on Tuesday in Springfield, Mass. He is currently been held at the Wyatt federal lockup in Rhode Island.

James Comey, FBI Director, said last week that their agents had arrested 10 suspects accused of having ties with Islamic State that had planned to carry out July 4 terror attacks. Alexander was one of the suspected terrorists, the federal official said.




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