The New Google Glasses – A Better Upgrade?

  • July 5, 2015 |
  • Tech
 Photo Credit: AP

Image by Candice Ruud

Photo Credit: AP

If you think that Google Glass is just a craze, think again. Google has not given up on it and continues to recreate the gadget. A new Google Glass version known as GG1 is being tested by Google.

The new Google glass is in the process and Droid Life reported that it was submitted to the US Communications Commission (FCC).  The FCC is the agency that checks electronic devices to make sure these are not dangerous for human use.

The features written in the documentation of the GG1 stated that it will emerge as a “Glass-like display” that led to the belief that it was Google’s new wearable gadget. It also stated that the gadget is accessible on a submenu where users need to scroll right and left – exactly the same scrolling instructions used on the first Glass version.

The original prototype of Glass was sold to UK fans and developers in June 2014. It received plenty of negative comments because of the amateurship design, poor battery life and limited features. Privacy groups voiced out their concern on the Glass capability to recognize faces and secretly broadcast and record private conversations.

The first Google glass was recalled from the market in January. Ivy Ross, Google Glass chief, said they will continue to improve on the Google Glass. He added that the new Glass would feature a better display, enhanced sound quality, and a longer battery life. It would also be cheaper.

In March 2014, Google partnered with Luxotica, an Italian eyeglasses manufacturing company, with the intention to produce a new kind of the Google Glass.

Google may call this new wearable gadget by whatever new name, but GG1 will definitely amaze the market. Other details about the mysterious gadget that were submitted to the FFC include a built-in rechargeable battery, Bluetooth LE and supports Wi-Fi up to 802.11ac. It also has a USB cable for easy data transfer and charging when connected to a laptop or desktop PC. It also includes a charger for the gadget.

Google has no plans to use a standard FCC physical label, but will use an e-label, that is hidden somewhere in the settings menus of the device.

Droid Life reported that the screenshot of the e-label is similar to that of the Google Glass. The manner of getting the e-label is a kind touch gesture from that is recognized by Google Glass.

Google, instead of internal prototyping, will test the mysterious gadget in a more open and free fashion before selling it in the market.

The company is keeping all external and internal photos of the GG1 gadget confidential until it is launched in December 2015.


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