Top 5 US Cities for Job Opportunities

  • July 17, 2015 |
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The Americans are always on the lookout for better job opportunities. The National Association of College and Employers reported that around 80 percent of employers keen to employ graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, 14.2 percent with Master’s and only 2.9 percent with an associate degree in 2015, although these numbers are almost the same as last year. WalletHub spotted 5 top US cities for job opportunities as a result of their analysis done on 150 most populated US cities.

The first name in the WalletHub list is Washington D.C. United States Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reported that job estimation of the month of April shows the job opportunities increased in the private sector by 3,600. While the public sector payrolls increased by 200 jobs and a total increase of 3800 jobs in Washington D.C. Even the BLS ranked Washington D.C. as the most expensive in the US, while every other study labels NYC as the same. On an average, locals of Washington D.C. spend more per year on their homes, utilities, furnishings and other household expenses than people living in San Francisco, New York and San Diego – the report says.

Being the capital of the country, Washington D.C. attracts many businesses and there are numerous jobs in the professional and business services sectors. Glassdoor, an employment site, announced 07th Annual Employees’ Choice Awards 2015, selecting the Best Places to Work in Washington D.C. are Google, Bain and Company, Nestle Purina Pet Care, F5 Networks, Boston Consulting Group.

The second name on the list of WalletHub report is Boston M.A. If you are a skilled person then the Greater Boston area is filled with lots of job opportunities that may just be what you need to improve your odds. In March 2015, Glassdoor Career Trends Analyst Scott Dobroski indicated Boston as the centre to a very exciting job market with many booming industries, healthcare & a lot more. He added that Boston city is full of opportunities with diversified jobs, it should be known to every job seeker. Cost of living is not at all a significant factor in Boston M.A compared to Washington D.C. All you will lose is the charm of living in a capital. Executive Office of Labour and Workforce Development announced that Boston M.A gained jobs for an eighth consecutive month in April while the unemployment rate dropped slightly to 4.7 percent, and again dropped to 4.6 percent in June. It indicates that there are more job opportunities open to the people than the preceding years.

The third name on the list of WalletHub report is Minneapolis MN. Fourth and the fifth names in the list are San Francisco CA and Denver CO, respectively. According to a new study from Glassdoor, a location is good for job seekers if the location is affordable, work places are satisfactory and searching job is easier.




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