Tourist information Center in Queens to close down

  • July 17, 2015 |
  • News

Redbird, the only tourist information center of Queens is closing down permanently.
It was opened in 2008 and was situated inside a retired Redbird train in front of the Queens Borough Hall. Though it is the only tourist information center in Queens, it has consistently been failing to get positive response from the visitors because of its failure to attract people outside of its vicinity. Most of its visitors have been the locals of Queens.

Actually, it seems tourists are not really interested about Queens’s features. With the closing of this tourist center people may think that Queens does not have the ability to attract tourists. But the tourist center is not the only thing that represents Queens. There are many more interesting things in Queens that are sure to attract the visitors if introduced properly.

Besides Redbird Tourist Information Center there are plenty of places in queens to visit. Some of them are as follows:

Smorgasburg in Queens

Smorgasburg which originated in Brooklyn is also launched in Queens. It is now available here on every Saturday from 11am to 6 pm. It provides delicious food and beverage and much more.

Cunningham Park

Cunningham Park is one of the most impressive places in Queens. This awesome and beautiful park is placed in middle of Queens. Its wide path and field are perfect for football, baseball, jogging and so on.

SriPrahPhai Thai Restaurant

Sriprahphai Restaurant is a very renowned and popular Thai restaurant in New York City. Though at first it was a tiny bakery and Thai desert centre but then it was renovated as Thai restaurant which is very well decorated with wooden furniture and a garden. It attracts people with its genuineness and spicy exotic Thai dishes. Among the dishes, the coconut rice, drunken noodles and papaya salad are the best.

Louis Armstrong Museum

Louis Armstrong Museum is another NYC place to visit that’s named after Louis Armstrong. He who was a famous singer, bandleader, comedian and also played trumpet very well. He breathed his last in this house and after his death this house was turned into a museum. Louis Armstrong house museum is also named a National landmark and a New York City landmark. It has been open to the public since 2003.

Queens Museum

If someone wants to enjoy history and art together in Queens, Queens Museum is the perfect place for that individual. This is a place any history lover would love to visit. The place is filled with historic and art stuffs like Tiffany glass, ‘Panorama of the City of New York’ etc.

The Redbird Tourist Information Center

Redbird is a retired train with historical value. It was named “Redbird” because of the bright red color of its outer portion. This train started its journey in 1959 and carried on till 1964 as a part of a fleet. Presently, it is kept before the lawn of the Queens Borough Court as historical resource. Only a matter of time it’s got shut down though.

So, these are some places tourists are missing today. If it continues this way, these places may also be closed down in future just like the Redbird Tourist Information Center.


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