Volkswagen XL1 Confirmed for Initial Production

These days, people look for a primary feature when they buy a car; that is how fuel efficient the car is. With ever increasing price of fuel, Volkswagen XL1 is undoubtedly the best deal out there. Claimed to be world’s most fuel efficient car, the XL1, which was introduced to us in Qatar Motor Show back in 2011, has finally been confirmed for an early manufacture of 200 samples.

One of Volkswagen’s most efficient cars, the Volkswagen XL1 has amazing features. It is an advanced hyper-hybrid car that features a compact 800cc diesel engine that can develop 48PS. Moreover, it is connected to an electronic motor that can produce 27PS; resulting in 75PS in total. This may not sound much, but this horsepower is quite adequate if the weight of the car (795 Kg) is considered.

The electronic motor that is linked with the TDI engine can work independently or along with it while accelerating. Reaching the speed of 62mph from rest takes only 11.9 seconds in this superb car and the electronically controlled highest speed is 99mph. This two-seater car can go up to 50 km in all-electronic mode, resulting in zero local emission.

Volkswagen XL1 is one of the most weight efficient cars out there. In total this car weighs only 795 kilograms. 23.2 percent of this weight comes from a mixture of steel and iron.

The drag coefficient of this car is 0.189. The seats are not exactly in tandem; rather the passenger seat is moved a little towards the back. The Volkswagen XL1 is an extremely beautiful machine with a sleek body and is 45.4 inches tall, 65.6 inches wide and 153.1 inches long. Volkswagen claims that the car requires just 8.3hp to run at 62mph.

The Volkswagen XL1 does not have traditional side mirrors. Instead, it has rearward facing cameras. Inside, it resembles a sports car. However, unlike a sports car, it has 15 inch wheels made out of forged magnesium. So if you think the XL1 can be used in the Formula one, you better think again.

The car is stylish yet comfortable and has all the functional requirements. It renders easy access through two stylish scissor doors. It claimed top award in the design of the year awards 2014. It is easily understandable how this car manages to do that.

The Volkswagen XL1 is not only fuel efficient but also environment friendly. It returns 313 mpg on the combined cycle and emits only 24 g/km Carbon Dioxide; it sets a new benchmark for vehicle efficiency.

The cars are said to be produced at Volkswagen’s Osnabrück factory in Germany and will be out in the market in a few days.


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