What to Expect from The Originals Season 3

While it has been only a while since the Season 2 finale was aired, the fans of The Originals have all but gone restless to know what’s going to happen in the upcoming season. Though the lips of the producers have been sealed till now, recently at Comic-Con, some information were revealed to us thanks to the showrunner Michael Narducci and The Hollywood Reporter regarding what fans could expect from The Originals Season 3.

The latest news update from the showrunners of The Originals suggests that things are going to get messier this season. Narducci confirmed that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will find it tough to soften up his family to him while the show will take turn to focus on the sire line, The Hollywood Reporter “reported”.

Narducci commented that Klaus is “abusive and terrible, and then he warms up to you and asks for forgiveness and does nice things” – that is the classic Klaus forma for you. The showrunner also pointed out that in the previous shows whenever his closest people were to forgive him then he again did something that everyone regretted. However, this time it would be different.

“But this time his actions were so cruel and violent and vicious and reprehensible, that it’s months later and his family has not forgiven him”, Narducci told The Hollywood Reporter referring to Klaus’ deeds last season where he betrayed Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin).

But The Originals Season 3 would not be all about Klaus seeking redemption and not getting it. It would focus on what it was supposed to be originally – a show about the vampires.

According to Narducci, this year the show is going to focus more on the vampire storyline than it has in the previous years. And how exactly does he plan to do it? Of course, by concentrating on the sire lines of Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah.

Season 3 would explore how it is for the sire lines of the three major originals that are left in the show. Are they warring factions or are they at peace with one another? Vampire-on-vampire action and violence will be brought to the screen more than ever before. The show will ask questions that were left unattended in the past seasons. Among the sired vamps, who will be the enemies or who will be the allies? The showrunner also hinted that there may just well be some new love interest as well. However, will it be for the Mikaelson brothers or the sisters – it is hard to speculate at this point.

A lot of things will happen in the upcoming The Originals Season 3. But one thing is for sure, even after a six-month time leap, it will still be tough for Klaus to melt the ice between the bonds he shares with his brother – Elijah. We are anxious to see how it turns out eventually!






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