Windows 10: New Features and Tweaks

If you are a Windows enthusiast, then probably by now you know that the new Windows 10 is fantastic, and way much better than the predecessor, Windows 8.1. There are certainly new features and tweaks that are making a headway in the tech world, and for the right reasons.

  • To start off, the new Windows 10 is free. How cool is that? Don’t worry it’s not a hoax or prank, but completely true. The new Windows 10 is completely free to upgrade. However, this is set to last only for the first year for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 phone users. It’s also available for those still running on Windows 7.
  • The StartMenu has also been brought back with new graphics that allow it to go full-screen. The StartMenu will for the better part look more or less as it used to in the Windows 7 except for the addition of Live Tiles.
  • The next best new feature has to be Cortana. You have probably heard of iPhone’s Siri right? If not, Siri is a software or application, for lack of a better word, installed in an iPhone to act as the owner’s personal assistant. Microsoft has come up with a Windows equivalent of Siri by the name Cortana. This digital assistant has been available on Windows phones for a while now, but will now be available for PCs and tablets as well. It will allow a Windows 10 PC owner to interact more closely with his/her PC for faster and simplified task performances.
  • Another feature is the Xbox app and streaming. This promises a good time for gamers as the app will give them the ability to control the Xbox One as well as providing a DVR capture for any Windows games. Moreover, gamers will now be able to play multiplayer games cross-platform between the Xbox One and the PC.
  • Windows 10 will also feature the new Edge browser set to replace the Internet Explorer. It will integrate with Cortana to provide additional information while browsing. It will also come with a reading mode and the ability to annotate either with the keyboard, pen or a finger according to PC Advisor (2015).

Apart from these new features, there are also tweaks that will go a long way in making one’s experience with Windows 10 more exhilarating, for instance, Windows 10 “GodMode” built into it just as it was in the previous versions. It opens doors to an array of settings that would ordinarily be inaccessible to the regular Windows users. It allows enthusiasts to customize their experience with Windows 10. It goes beyond that by enabling the management of advanced windows options such as User Accounts, Windows Defender and Windows Mobility Center (BGR, 2015).

Another tweak is the Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts. The new Edge browser in Windows 10 will have new features including keyboard shortcuts for power users. This will go a long way in making operations speedier.

A user can also customize the privacy settings so as to limit how much information Cortana can access. This is very important since the line between too much and too little information has become blurred and it is only through manually limiting what gets out there about you, that you can be able to safeguard your private information.

The new Windows 10 operating system surely comes with a lot of goodies and it is sure to gain favor among Windows hardcore enthusiasts. The new features and tweaks will work to improve performance and the experience one gets from using the operating system.


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